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Having just earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California in 1972, we (otherwise known as I) set off on a journey to conquer all of the world's known problems (well, computer problems anyway). That journey was very short lived! Time to re-evaluate!

Having experience in the world of computers, we (I) then set off to develop business applications. That journey has lasted 35 years and has been filled with many exciting (and some of the other kinds of) adventures! It had only one brief interruption with the honor of serving as the Information Systems Manager for the City of Lodi, from 1997 to 2001 (remember year 2000 compliance?) . We have had the privilege of working in many different areas including both the public and private sectors. It has been most exciting - well, maybe just exciting!

To see a few of the areas where applications have been developed, please look at the Projects page. They range from the very simple to some fairly complex applications. Some have managed to last over 30 years. The best applications have been those where we (I) have had to roll up our sleeves and use the application ourselves. It is interesting how many improvements are made when YOU are the user!